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200+ DIY Beauty Products That Will Save You A Ton of Money

200+ DIY Beauty Products That Will Save You A Ton of Money

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DIY beauty products are all the rage right now. Not only is it fun, but it can save you a ton of money. Plus you have the side benefit of knowing exactly what you are putting on your body.

Whatever your reason for wanting to make your own beauty products, you aren’t going to be making anything without recipes. You probably don’t want to wing most of this stuff. A good recipe saves you time and money that would be wasted on trial and error.

Who wants to spend all day hunting down all those recipes though? So I’ve compiled the Ultimate List of 200+ DIY Skin Care, Hair Care and Beauty products that can save you a ton of money at the store to save you time. Have fun!

DIY Makeup

1. All Natural Eye Shadow

2. DIY Bronzer

3. DIY Blush

4. Homemade Natural Eyebrow Filler

5. Homemade Natural Eyeliner

6. Homemade High Beam Highlighting Creme

7. DIY Makeup Remover

8. DIY Homemade Mascara


Facial Care

Face Masks

9. Homemade Perfect Skin Mask with Honey and Baking Soda

10. DIY Cocoa Mud Mask

11. Green Tea Facial Mask

12. DIY Lavender Clay Mask

13. DIY Honey Avocado Face Mask

14. Copycat Sephora Mud Mask

15. Egg White Face Mask

16. DIY Peel Off Mask


Face Toners

17. DIY Homemade Natural Facial Toner

18. 3 Ingredient DIY Facial Toner

19. Soothing Rose Aloe Vera Toner

20. DIY Rice Water Toner

21. DIY Acne Fighting Toner

22. Thyme Face Toner

23. DIY Green Tea Toner

24. Tea Tree Oil Face Toner


Face Creams

25. Rose Facial Cream

26. Homemade Face Lotion for Sensitive Skin

27. Green Tea Repairing Face Cream

28. DIY Miracle Night Cream

29. Frankincense Face Cream

30. DIY Argan Oil Face Cream

31. Anti-aging Facial Olive Oil Night Cream

32. Basil Anti-Aging Face Cream


Shaving Creams

33. Homemade Coconut Shaving Cream

34. Homemade Whipped Eucalyptus Shaving Cream

35. DIY Creamy Shaving Soap

36. Vanilla Coconut Shaving Cream

37. Lavender Sandalwood Shaving Cream

38. Lavender Coconut Aloe Vera Shave Gel

39. Whipped Rose Geranium Shaving Cream

40. Soothing Chamomile Shaving Cream


Face Wash

41. Honey Lavender Face Wash

42. All Natural Face Wash With Essential Oils

43. DIY Coconut Oil Face Wash

44. Homemade Lavender Honey Face Wash

45. Activated Charcoal Face Wash

46. Acne Clearing Face Wash

47. Honey Chamomile Face Wash

48. Aloe Mint Foaming Face Wash



Sugar Scrubs

49. Pink Lemonade Sugar Scrub

50. Coffee Sugar Scrub

51. Peppermint Vanilla Sugar Scrub

52. Coconut Vanilla Sugar Scrub

53. Rose Sugar Scrub

54. Orange Sugar Scrub

55. Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar Scrub

56. Lavender Peppermint Sugar Scrub


Salt Scrubs

57. DIY Mermaid Salt Scrub

58. Coconut Lime Salt Scrub

59. Lavender Lemon Salt Scrub

60. Honey Salt Scrub

61. Coffee Salt Scrub

62. Rosemary Lemon Salt Scrub

63. Charcoal Salt Scrub

64. Candy Cane Salt Scrub


Mouth Care

Lip gloss

65. Shimmer Lip Gloss

66. Crayon Lip Gloss

67. Jello Lip Gloss

68. 1-Minute Lip Gloss

69. Grapeseed and Jojoba Lip Gloss

70. Pretty-In-Pink Lip Gloss

71. Two Ingredient Lip Gloss

72. Tinted Lip Gloss


Lip balm

73. Peppermint EOS Refill Lip Balm

74. Rose Vanilla Lip Balm

75. Strawberry Lip Balm

76. Raspberry Lemon Lip Balm

77. DIY Honey Lip Balm

78. Lime Lip Balm

79. Lavender Peppermint Lip Balm

80. Christmas Spirit Lip Balm


Lip Scrubs

81. Copycat Lush Lip Scrub

82. Cotton Candy Lip Scrub

83. Vanilla Mint Lip Scrub

84. Bubblegum Lip Scrub

85. Strawberry Margarita Lip Scrub

86. Sugar Cookie Lip Scrub

87. Lemon Lip Scrub

88. Watermelon Sugar Lip Scrub


Hair Styling

89. DIY Heat Protectant

90. Sea Salt Texturizing Hair Spray

91. DIY Hair Straightening Cream

92. Homemade Coconut Milk Shampoo

93. Lavender Vinegar Hair Rinse

94. DIY Curl Cream

95. DIY Hot Oil Treatment

96. DIY Hair Gel


Skin Care

97. Caffeine Eye Serum

98. Homemade Green Tea Exfoliator

99. Rose Aloe Vera Toner

100. Homemade Body Butter

101. Homemade Moisturizer

102. Rose Body Butter

103. Sugar Wax

104. Burnt Sugar Shimmer Lotion


Lotion Bars

105. Vanilla Bean Winter Lotion Bar

106. DIY Shea Lotion Bars

107. DIY Vanilla Latte Coffee Lotion Bars

108. Lavender In-Shower Lotion Bars

109. Mosquito Repellent Lotion Bars

110. Argan & Sandalwood Vanilla Lotion Bar

111. Bronzing Lotion Bars

112. Dandelion Citrus Lotion Bars



113. Homemade Aluminum Free Deodorant

114. DIY Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

115. Lavender Scented Homemade Deodorant

116. Coconut Lemongrass Deodorant

117. Natural Clay Deodorant

118. Non-toxic Anti-Sweat Deodorant

119. Homemade Roll-On Deodorant

120. DIY Zero Waste Extra Strength Deodorant


Body Sprays

121. DIY Body Spray With Essential Oils

122. Grapefruit Lavender Body Spray

123. DIY Scented Body Spray

124. DIY Body Spray With Orange

125. Lavender Lemonade Body Spray

126. Refreshing DIY Grapefruit Body Spray

127. Dry Oil Body Spray

128. Magnesium and Sea Salt Spray



Bath bombs

129. Geode Bath Bomb

130. Rainbow Bath Bomb

131. Epsom Salt Bath Bomb

132. Lemon Vanilla Bath Bomb

133. Galaxy Bath Bomb

134. Peppermint Bath Bomb

135. Lavender Bath Bomb

136. Pearl Bath Bomb


Bath Salts

137. Vanilla Lavender Bath Salt

138. Lavender Bubbling Bath Salt

139. Fizzy Peppermint Bath Salt

140. Misty Berry Bath Salt

141. Peach Hibiscus Bath Salt

142. Grapefruit Bath Salt

143. Sparkling Lavender Bath Salt

144. Calming Chamomile Bath Salt


Body Wash

145. Oatmeal and Lavender Body Wash

146. DIY Men’s Body Wash

147. Grapefruit Ginger Body Wash

148. DIY Eczema Body Wash

149. Orange and Honey Body Wash

150. Mermaid Body Wash

151. Orange Almond Body Wash

152. Rose Body Wash



153. Honey Oatmeal Soap

154. Vanilla Coffee Soap

155. Charcoal Facial Soap

156. Watermelon Soap

157. Lavender Loofah Soap

158. Dino Egg Soap

159. Ombre Mermaid Soap

160. DIY Gradient Soap



161. Baking Soda Shampoo

162. Moisturizing PH Balanced DIY Shampoo

163. Homemade Coconut Shampoo

164. Lavender Rosemary Shampoo

165. Organic Lemon Coconut Shampoo

166. Rosemary Mint Shampoo

167. DIY Honey Shampoo

168. Homemade Citrus Bliss Shampoo



169. Homemade Conditioner for Natural Hair

170. Rosemary Mint Hair Conditioner

171. DIY Leave-In Conditioner and Detangling Spray

172. DIY Protein Deep Conditioner

173. Olive and Jojoba Silk Conditioner

174. Homemade Coconut Lavender Conditioner

175. DIY Curly Hair Conditioner

176. Coconut Oil Deep Conditioner


Hands and Feet


177. DIY Nail Soak

178. Newspaper Nails

179. DIY Matte Nail Polish

180. DIY Nail Growth Serum

181. DIY Nail Strengthener

182. Nail Polish Removal Jar

183. DIY Nail Wraps

184. DIY Shellac Nails


Foot Soak

185. Stress Relieving Foot Soak

186. Soothing Peppermint Foot Soak

187. Peppermint Foot Soak Bombs

188. DIY Eucalyptus Foot Soak

189. Lemon Mint Foot Soak

190. Citrus Foot Soak

191. Chamomile Foot Soak

192. Lavender Green Tea Foot Soak


Cuticle Cream

193. DIY Cuticle Cream

194. Healing Cuticle Butter

195. Coconut Oil Cuticle Cream

196. Citrus Cuticle Cream

197. Lavender Cuticle Cream

198. Healing Cuticle Cream

199. Lazy Day Cuticle Cream

200. Cuticle Cream With Lavender and Myrrh


Cracked Heel Salve

201. Homemade Cracked Heel Salve With Essential Oils

202. Soothing DIY Salve For Cracked Heels

203. DIY Heel Sticks

204. All Natural Cracked Heel Balm

205. Tea Tree Heel Cream

206. Ultra-Healing Foot Balm

207. Shea Butter Foot Cream

208. Honey Heel Moisturizer




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