The 2 Week Diet

Clever cleaning hacks for every difficult part of the home

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Everyone wants a clean residence, but attaining it constantly seems like so much work. The only thing stopping the majority of us from having a perfectly clean home could be the effort and time required for a-deep clean.

Luckily for us for all of us, some clever folks have created approaches to clean those hard-to-reach spots without the need for an excessive amount of elbow oil. Get residence spic and span throughout with one of these life-changing tips!

1. Window Paths 

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Fear not, those usually dirt-covered window sills and paths are not any match because of this cleaning solution. Blend one part cooking soda, one component vinegar, and one part standard dish detergent, and like this, your sills are original.

2. Blinds 

cleaning-tricks-2YouTube/Clean our Space

Cleaning your blinds has never already been an easy task…until now. All you have to is a microfiber cloth, some dish detergent, and some hot water.


3. Shower Curtains 

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 surprisingly, there’s a method to prevent that icky mildew commonly seen on bath curtains. Try offering the curtain a salt bathtub, and you’ll see how clean as it happens.

4. Shower Caulking


Baths tend to be a breeding surface for mold and mildew, nonetheless they truly don’t have to be. Set down some bleach and head to town with a toothbrush, and you’ll manage to scrub that ugly scum appropriate away from there!

5. Tile Grout

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It is possible to avoid mildew from previously forming in the first place by massaging the grouting of great clean tiles with candle wax, that may seal the grout and hold mold out.

6. Porcelain Sinks 

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This older kind of sink may be plagued by unsightly stains, but it’s simple enough to take them of. You’ll need an assortment of listed here every day products: white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, lemon, cooking soda, and (of course!) salt. Say goodbye to those stains permanently!

7. Faucets 

cleaning-tricks-7YouTube/Crouton Cracker Jacks

If your sink is constructed of material, you may possibly notice a build up of gunk all over base of your tap. You could get rid of this making use of a t-shirt as a rag and using white vinegar into affected area.

The 2 Week Diet

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